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Log Cabin & Summerhouse final and installation videos

Log cabin, summerhouse and garden office videos (including installations and final walk-around videos of completed buildings)

This page contains our full library of videos showing a whole range of things that may help you either decide on what building you require through to actual construction videos and further videos of more specificthings that we get asked about.

We sell a whole range of different buildings, so we have sub-divided this page into different sections as follows (click on which ones interest you to jump to that section of videos)...... 

  1. Section 1 = Installation videos of Hortons log cabins (single skin and Twinskin)
  2. Section 2 = Walkaround of completed Hortons log cabins
  3. Section 3 = Hortons Easibuild framed buildings (garden offices,sheds, workshops and garages)
  4. Section 4 = Lugarde summerhouses
  5. Section 5 = Bertsch Holbau pergolas and gazebos
  6. Section 6 = Miscellaneous items to help you build and maintain your garden building

Section 1 (timelapse vides of Hortons log cabins being installed)

If you are going to build one of our log cabins, please view these videos in conjunction with our log cabin installation guide

1 minute (really quick) version -

OR this is the longer version (9 minutes) so you can see more detail -

  • Single skin 35mm 4m wide x 12m deep large log cabin with 3 rooms being installed in our display ground near Horsham, West Sussex. This log cabin assembly video of the Stroud log cabin  shows just how easy our log cabins are to build. Nearly all the parts are pre-manufactured and ready to just slot in (for the walls) or fix (roof & floor) with just a few items that need cutting on site (skirting boards, fascia & barge boards). Click here to view prices and available options for this large log cabin.

Section 2 (Hortons log cabins)


  • Our Easibuild heavy duty garden workshop shed is quite unlike any other sectional building you may have seen before - it's made in half height panels making it easy to lift (as the panels are lighter, although probably still heavier than other so called extra strong workshops!) which also means that you can easily take it through a house or garage if neccessary to gain access to your garden. These are all made to order to the nearest millimetre at no extra cost. Click here to generate your quote including many different options available for our strong workshops.

  • 2 videos of the Lugarde PR17 summerhouse which has the feature bifolding doors - a very popular choice and alkways attracts customers walking around our showground - nearly everybody wonders over to it to have a look (even if they came in looking for something completely different!).
  • Video 1 is a timelapse of the construction process (installing in our showground)
  • Video 2 is a walk around of the finished summerhouse.
  • The Lugarde configurator link on our web page allows you to change the size and configuration to suit you (updating the price as you make the changes) - Click here to open our PR17 summerhouse page and use the configurator to see the many different options .

Section 2 (Bertsch Holbau gazebos)

  • Bertsch Holzau Helena 3 - 5mx3.5m octagonal gazebo installation

Section 6 (Miscellaneous)

  • How to remove / change / replace a pane of glass in a Hortons log cabin door

  • How to reverse the door latch for Hortons Log Cabin door locks

  • How to fit Hortons tilt & turn window handles (with hidden screw holes)

  • How to fit Hortons double doors with sidelights