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Corner Log Cabins

Log cabins specifically designed for the corner of your garden

Although most garden buildings are generally square or rectangular, they can look a bit odd when positioned off to one side of the garden up against a side boundary. We have a full range of cabins in virtually all sizes which are suitable for siting in this type of plot.

Not only do we sell regular symetrical corner log cabins (3x3, 4x4 corner cabins), but also assymetrical such as 3x4, 3x5, 4x5m corner log cabins, thus giving you plenty of choice to suit your own needs.

We are able to add a partition (in any position you choose) to any of our corner cabins, thereby making them into one large corner log cabin with a side shed store built in (but much better looking than an "add-on" storage shed).

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1 cabin kit, 2 possible buildings

Making use of every corner of the garden can be challenging, our Hortons range of corner summerhouses means can utilise any awkward area of your plot into one of your favourite places to enjoy and relax. All of our corner houses are built to be reverisble so that you can build then either way round and so offering 2 cabins from 1 kit, thereby offering a great looking, flexible cabin to suit all eventualities.

Versatile Garden Buildings

These cabins are designed to fit nicely into any corner space, but of course they still look fantastic anywhere in the garden. We have designed this range to offer as many different sizes as possible, but we can also supply custom cabins to suit your available space a service that is not available anywhere else. 


Please click here to see various videos of our corner cabin summerhouse

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