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Hortons Log Cabins for sale - all garden cabin sizes, see our huge range of log cabins to buy below.

Log Cabins for sale
Log cabins for saleWe sell all garden cabin sizes - small, medium and large log cabins for sale. Hortons offer log cabins to buy which are much more substantial than standard garden sheds. We sell cabins with wall thicknesses from 28mm up to 200mm solid log. And twinskin cavity walled fully insulated log cabins which can meet full building regulations for living in! You can even choose to buy a log cabin with uPVC windows and doors - every cabin has this opton.
Choose to have your cabin installed or you can self build. How easy are they to install? You certainly don't need to be a qualified carpenter, DIYers can easily install our log cabins.

Lots of different Garden Log Cabins To Buy.....

Finance packages available for log cabins and garden rooms

What is the difference between a log cabin and a framed building (ie, summerhouse or shed)?

Our log cabins for sale are made up of planks (or interlocking logs - many thickness options available) simply layered up on top of each other (with a tongue and groove joint between them) - there is no framework.
Log cabin wall interlocking corner detail
These logs are then also notched into each other at the corners to form the structure. This is why log cabins have expansion joints built in - there is no framework holding the building to a set height (the logs will absorb moisture the winter, thus swelling by up to 2mm per log - the average cabin is 16 logs high. Which on average means they are about 30mm taller in the winter compared with summer when it all dries out again). A log cabin is slightly taller in the winter compared with summer.
A framed building has a main framework and then cladding is nailed around the external faces to make it weatherproof. Think of a garden shed where you can see the framework when you look inside -
Shed wall showing internal framework
These buildings are a constant height but still have to allow for the cladding swelling up in the winter and so there small gaps between each cladding board to allow for this (this is why our Easibuild buildings have a breather membrane between the framing and the cladding, which helps to keep them draftproof and weatherproof). If they are fixed tightly against each other, they will expand and buckle or bow out during the winter - a common thing that happens with cheap sheds in a wet winter.

What does this mean in practice?

The main advantage of a log cabin is that they are much thicker walls than a framed building. Our thinnest log cabin wall is 28mm thick whereas our standard framed building is clad with 18mm shiplap (standard garden sheds use 12mm thick cladding). However we do have lots of thicker log wall thicknesses as well right up to 200mm round logs and 250mm Twin Skin). Therefore log cabins are naturally warmer (before any insulation and lining is added to a framed building). 
A log cabin is "finished" inside - there is no internal framing to cover over with a lining, just a flat hard wearing surface that looks like tongue and groove boarding (customers often assume they are a lined framed building). 
Log cabins don't require the heavy-lifting to build - they are built on site log by log (you can see how they are built in our log cabin video page). Whereas a frame building is supplied in large pre-manufactured panels which can be very heavy.

Why do you need to buy a log cabin?

Some uses are as home offices (people who now work from home require a high quality garden cabin office to work in every day), insulated garden rooms, games rooms, home studios or storage sheds. We also offer more than just log cabins for sale - for larger storage cabin-types you could also consider one of our interlocking log cabin garages. Because they have a large garage doors, it makes it much easier to carry large items in and out. Don't struggle - garden furniture and garden mowers / machinery etc could be a doddle if you plan correctly.

Log cabins for sale. All sizes - small storage cabins up to large multi-room insulated log cabins

Whatever your garden building needs, we have a huge range of log cabins for you. We have many standard sizes: 3m x 3m, 4m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 6m x 5m, etc.....all the way up to 13m length as standard (and many more log cabins in between, AND smaller, AND larger!.....20m, 30m, etc). We have many of these on display in our shed and log cabin show site near Horsham in West Sussex. This means we are within easy reach for people living in Surrey, Hampshire, East Sussex and Kent to come and view our garden cabins. It's one thing seeing a building online, it's another actually seeing it in real life. Standing inside one gives you a real feel of what it is really like.
Remember - the cheapest cabins are cheap for a reason. We sell quality log cabins that are cheap for what you get. Hortons cabins are value for money.

Do you already have a cabin but it's too small?

We sell custom log cabin log cabin extension kits. Our factory has the ability to make any size and any style of garden cabin add ons - whether that be a small lean-to for a tool store or a large extension to convert your existing cabin into something special, even a fully compliant garden annexe!. If you would like to know more about this service, then use this link to our dedicated log cabin extension page (on another of our websites).

Tranportable mobile log cabin homes for sale

All of our log cabins can be mounted onto one of our chassis. So if you need a static caravan, a mobile log home or a park home then this could be the answer for you. Log cabins are not automatically classed as qualifying as a "caravan" or "temporary structure" regardless of what some salesman may say. They need to be mounted onto a strong "platform" that can be towed, pushed, pulled or lifted onto a lorry in order to qualify. Sometimes it is easier to site a cabin within "The caravan act" than it is within general planning rules and Building Regulations. So if you are looking to buy a log cabin, then we offer many more options than any other timber cabin supplier. Our log cabins for sale are truly your solution for extra space or living accommodation. And anything inbetween.

Custom made log cabins

All Hortons log cabins are made to order. Therefore we can offer our customers the option to change any aspect of the cabin design. Many other companies offer a "bespoke log cabin service", but in reality they make it very awkward or sometimes impossible for their clients to make any changes at all. Even to the point of something as simple as moving a door or window. They sell mass produced buildings from stock, anything else just isn't in their sales vocabulary! Hortons work the other way around, we actively encourage our customers to choose the garden cabin of their dreams. We don't want them to settle for what is available off the shelf. Any Hortons log cabin can be adapted to any shape, style or design. Apex, pent, hipped or pyramid roofs are all possible, on top of differing wall heights - you choose! We can even make custom size windows or doors (in either timber or uPVC).

Log Cabin Accessories for sale

We also stock a number of attractive accessories that we can add. These include several different styles of timber windows and uPVC windows for log cabins to suit the various products that we manufacture. Also single or double-glazed doors that look great and can add the finishing touches to your new building. You can top your building off with various roofing materials suitable for cabins. Verandas are very popular as well and provide a great place to sit when you want to catch the sun. 

Do you already have a log cabin in need of some TLC?

Hortons are also experts in repairing log cabins. We can do everything from a simple refelt or a total re-roof right up to replacing wall logs. The most vulnerable part of a log cabin are the bottom logs. We have specialist equipment which lifts the whole cabin up (any size of cabin!), allowing us to drop out the rotten logs at the bottom and replace them with brand new logs. This can be a cost effective choice for many people rather than buying a new log cabin. By the time we finish, your cabin can be as good as new, or even better and most importantly cheaper than buying a new log cabin. If you would like to know more about this, please visit our log cabin repair service page. 
Once you have placed a log cabin order with us we are fully committed to ensuring that everything goes smoothly with your purchase. The quoted prices on our website includes VAT and free delivery to most areas in the United Kingdom. You can find a full list of all the postcodes that this applies to by clicking DELIVERY POLICY.
If you live in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire or London then you are within an easy drive to visit our display showground, so why not come down and have a chat with us - we have lots of log cabins and garden buildings on display.