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Log Cabin Roofing Options

We are able to supply all manner roofing materials for log cabins and any other garden buildings.
Please contact us if you require a different option to those listed and we will be pleased to help.

Please note that delivery charges may apply.

Roofing material - the icing on the cake

Sometimes forgotten, but the correct choice of roofing makes a building stand out from the crowd. It can transform what could be an ordinary building or garden structure into something special. All too often customers think about what colour they want to paint their garden building. But forget about what roofing would compliment their chosen colours. This is especially true if the building is a lower level than the house. This means that the roof will be more visible, making the roofing material much more prominent.

Advice about what options you have when choosing your roofing

We can chat with you about the different options available for roofing materials for your log cabin. We can advise about the different roofing materials, costs and their suitability to your application. Hortons are garden building experts and our advice costs nothing at Hortons!

We can re-roof your log cabin

In addition to selling the various roofing materials for log cabins and other garden rooms and buildings, we also offer a garden room maintenance and repair service. We can undertake anything you need done to your garden building. Hortons can strip and remove your old roofing material. We can even repair the underlying structure at the same time if required. And then re-roof your cabin with any roofing material that you like.
We can also do other garden building repairs - 
  • Replacement floor bearers
  • Replacement floors
  • New bases (without taking the building down - we actually lift the building up and lay the new base underneath it!)
  • Replace windows and doors (choices for the replacement ones being timber, PVC-U or aluminium)
  • Extend your existing garden room
  • ................the list goes on and on!