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Base kits for Log Cabins and Sheds

Not only do we sell various materials for your bases (whether that be timber joists, railway sleepers or aggregates) but we can also provide everything from turf to pea shingle so you can totally finish your project off. We have a number of different options on display at our showground near Horsham, West Sussex.


There are a number of options available, some designs are more suited to uneven ground than others. For instance, the raised timber basekit utilises recycled plastic posts so that if the ground slopes away, then you just use a longer post - no extra labour required to either dig the bank away or infill with hardcore first.

Finishing touches

Once the project nears the end and all of the heavy side is complete, it's time to install the finishes such as turf, path surfaces or topsoil on the flowerbeds. We are a one-stop shop for all of these products.