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Lugarde Garden Cabins and Offices

One of our leading products that are loved by all. They are the perfect size to meet most sizes of Gardens at a great cost for families, couples and singles alike. If you are interested in Lugarde Cabins, please phone us on 01403 888 222 to find out more and to get our best deals. Please find below some more details on Lugarde Garden Cabins.
Wood Source North European, slow grown, more stable, kiln dried to 14–16%. Lugarde only buys the timber sourced from northern Europe, where the climate is colder and the trees grow slowly. Consequently the growth rings are closer together and the wood is more stable. All wood in Lugarde cabins and summerhouses is dried in special drying chambers to 14-16% humidity. This reduces the amount of shrinkage of the wood.
Come and visit our Lugarde log cabin showground to see the quality of this long standing brand of garden buildings.


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Quotes, 3D images and plans for your Lugarde building design
Click this link where you can design a garden building to your own design and generate your own personalised quote and view it in 3D!

Lugarde CabinsAll Lugarde Log Cabins are delivered, as standard, inclusive of double glazing, pressure impregnated foundation beams, chrome metalwork / brass metalwork. A wooden floor is optional. For the shingled roof, you have a choice of 5 colours: green, red, black, brown or blue. The roofs are delivered in loose parts: rafters, roof sections and shingles. All log cabins are delivered exclusive of set-up. The single doors are always left-hand ones; if you want your door to open differently, please indicate this on your order (no extra charge). For double doors, the right door is the wicket door.

Windows and Doors

Lugarde produces its own doors and windows and has complete control of quality. We use laminated wood to produce doors, which helps to limit any warping. All windows and doors have double glazing as standard. Lugarde produces all its windows and doors itself. This allows Lugarde to have complete control of the manufacturing process and respond quickly to any quality control issues. The timber we use is laminated & finger jointed which greatly reduce any warping that can occur. The doors are supplied with an aluminum wear strip on the sill to reduce any wear at this point. Also our windows and doors are neatly finished with rubber weather stripping and the glass is neatly sealed with a special black sealer. All decorative glazing bars are removable to make cleaning the glass easier.

Made to measure or standard

Lugarde has full control over production; this allows us to produce log cabins to almost any size as long as everything is based on 90 degree angles. The log cabin system is available in 44mm and 68mm wall thicknesses. Using our log cabin system you can specify the following style roofs: gable roof, flat roof, pent roof or an a-symmetric roof. The Lugarde Prima System can also be supplied in many sizes. We manufacture these building in increments of 60cm when manufacturing our 4 and 5 sided buildings (120cm – 180cm - 240cm  - 300cm – 360cm – 420cm – 480cm & 540cm). Larger sizes are also available by connect buildings together. The Prima System can be delivered with pyramid roofs or flat roofs and is available in 28mm and 44mm wall thicknesses. Our octagonal summerhouses come with a cone style roof, the 250 & 300cm buildings being supplied with pre-shingled roof sections. When you change one of our standard designs we do not charge a modification fee.


Lugarde supplies quality shingles. Choice of five colours. Flat roofs are supplied with complete high quality EPDM rubber roof kit. Lugarde supplies high quality shingles to all log cabins / summer houses with sloping roofs (pyramid/apex etc). Your customer can choose from: black, red, green, brown and blue. Our flat roofs are supplied with EPDM rubber roofing including a drain, glue, a brush and gloves.

Factory finish

Advantages of a factory pre-treatment- 
When buying a Lugarde you have the opportunity to have your summer house or log cabin factory treated. 
You have a choice of 4 colours: Transparent Brown, Transparent White, Transparent Green, Transparent Blue-Gray. 
Your summer house / log cabin is supplied with a first coating. 
The white color is due for repainting within one year again to treat the remaining colors between 1 and 3 years. 
All this is dependent on the location and local weather conditions. 
The benefit of factory finish is that your building is fully treated before installation and all the areas you would not normally be able to reach (tongues & grooves, corner notches etc) have been treated.

Full factory painted finish

This is a 2 stage process - the first coat is the pre-treatment as described above followed by a secong coat of paint in a choice of colours. This means your building will arrive ready to build and no further maintenance required for up to 5 years!

Pressure treatment

Some Lugarde building can be pressure treated (Tanalised) with the best anti-rot treatment available.

Delivery time

The delivery of Lugarde products range from 3-6 weeks. On average, your summer house or log cabin will be delivered within 4-5 weeks. Within a few days after your order you will receive the expected delivery weeks. A week before delivery we will contact you and confirm the exact delivery day and approximate time.

Service from Hortons regarding Lugarde

- You can always contact us for quotations and advice. 

- We can provide all necessary drawings that you require for planning permission.

- All orders are delivered directly to you from Lugarde on a lorry with a forklift (no manual off-loading by you is required)

- All our buildings come with assembly instructions and a specific drawing for the ordered building. We now also have installation videos to help you as well, please follow this link - Lugarde videos showing how to install your building

- If you still aren't sure after viewing the above videos, you can contact us for help and advice, even during the build on a weekend as we are open 7 days a week (we will always answer your call or ring you back, but it may help for you to send us a photo of what you require help with as 1 photo says a thousand words!).

- Should it appear that something is missing or damaged, please contact us immediately for a fast resolution to the problem (not forgetting that spare parts are sent with every building, so this is fortunately very very rare).


Lugarde gives a 5 year warranty on all products (if properly maintained). Damage caused by natural disasters, human or animals is not covered by the warranty.

Hortons mantra - Let us know if you have any queries or need any further info, we are here to help.


Custom Made Lugarde Log Cabins

Lugarde has an extensive range of log cabins in wood thicknesses of 28mm, 44 mm and 68 mm in addition to the Prima summerhouse and Pro System building ranges. Because Lugarde is responsible for all aspects of production, the dimensions we offer are very flexible and we take into account your personal requirements. We have ample scope to 'play around' with various aspects of the Log Cabin design, such as dimensions, layout, type of windows and doors, insulation, multiple levels, veranda, window shutters, canopy, coupling with other log cabins or with a summerhouse in the Prima series. These options allow you to create a log cabin using the Lugarde Configurator that lets you do this in real time with updated prices for every change you make.
Hortons can send you your requirements by email (including 3D views, plans, specifications and prices) so you can look at the options available for your design as a non-binding quoted offer. 

All models are usually available in 28 mm, 44 mm and most are also available in 68 mm. The log cabin you receive is very robust and of high quality. It is also possible to add roof and floor insulation (depending on the intended purpose of your log cabin).
The larger log cabins can be put to several different uses, such as a surgery and/or home office, as well as a guest room or workshop.

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