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Lugarde installation videos

Lugarde log cabin, Prima System and Pro System installation videos

This page contains all of the installation videos you will need to install your Lugarde building, just choose the video/s below that are relevant to your building-

  • Pro system square garden building with a flat roof

  • Have you wondered how to build a Lugarde summerhouse? This is us installing our Hortons Garden Retreat in our showsite with EPDM (which is based on the Lugarde Pro system)

  • Prima square PR17 summerhouse with a flat roof and canopy (built in our showsite)

  • Prima system pentagonal (corner summerhouse) with a hipped pyramid roof

  • Prima summerhouse (corner summerhouse) with a flat roof and canopy

  • Log cabins with flat roofs - this Lugarde video should be viewed together with the Lugarde log cabin instructions that are supplied with every cabin kit.

  • Log cabins with apex roofs

  • Ceiling

  • Apex roof system for a Pro system summer house

  • Apex roof insulation (for all construction methods - Log cabin, Prima system & Pro sytem)

  • EPDM rubber roof sheet installed onto a flat roof

  • EPDM rubber roof sheet installed onto a flat roof with roof insulation

  • Posts with an adjustable foot and pedestal (plinth skirting)

  • Double door installation

  • Window installation

  • Floor Installation

  • Floor insulation kit

  • Wall insulation

  • Mezzanine floor


Following printed installation guides can sometimes be a tricky to understand what you are trying to do - a video makes life much easier (a minute of video replaces pagaes and pages if text which can end up being gobbledygook and no use to anyone!).

These generic video guides should be a tremendous help to you BUT should be viewed in conjunction with the printed installation guide and parts list that come with your building - of course there is nothing wrong with watching them before your building arrives so that you know the basics and already understand what needs to be done, but we then recommend watching the videos again once you have your plans and parts list to hand so that you can refer to them whilst watching..