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Anything you need for your log cabin - Bases, Roofing, Windows & doors, Paints & treatments

Cabin Extras (roofing, bases)

Whatever "log cabin extras" you need, we sell them....

  • Different roofing materials for cabins, sheds and home offices.
  • Timber base kits (no need for a concrete base)
  • Windows and doors for log cabins (these can also be used in other types of garden buildings as well)
  • Paints and treatments

This is not s fully comprehensive list, but we sell (and mostly stock) anything to do with log cabins and garden buildings.

What do you need to complete your log cabin, Shed, Workshop, summerhouse or Garden Office?

There are many companies that sell garden buildings, but not so many that provide everything you need to fully complete the build. Some items are deemed to be "optional" nd therefore they don't sell them. WE take the opposite view, we sell everything you could possibly need.(and keep most of it in stock).

Keeping your garden building in tip top condition so it lasts

Your building should ne regularly maintained - little and often reaps rewards. The prime example being the roofing. If left too long, a felt roof will start to let water in. This will almost certainly not be noticed at first. But then when you do notice it, your roof timbers have started to degrade, decay and rot. Now you'll have to repair the roof structure as well - this will then cost much more than replacing the roofing in good time. It is the same principle with painting your garden building as well.

Renovate your log cabin

Even if your garden cabin has seen better days, it can still be renovated back to its former glory. We sell everything you need to repair your garden building, whether you need to replace anything or improve what you already have. If you are not a DIYer, then we offer a log cabin repairs service as well. We can do everything - we can adjust your doors or windows forinstance. At the other end of the scale, we can totally renovate your log cabin -

  • Replace rotten logs
  • Re-roof
  • Re-felt
  • Replace windows and doors - we can even fit uPVC windows and doors so they are maintenance free for the future (no more painting!)
  • Add new windows and doors where there weren't any before - make it a much lighter space
  • Add partitons within your garden building - separate the building so you have a dedicated storage area for your garden tools to keep the rest of it clean and tidy.

That is just a sample list of the work we can carry out - you name it and we can do it, we are garden building experts with many items in stock.