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Log cabin extension kits

Log Cabin extensions

Hortons are experts in custom cabins and bespoke garden rooms. We have vast experience and knowledge about all timber garden buildings. This therefore means that we are also able to supply or supply and install cabin extension kits if you want to make your existing timber garden building larger.
There are many different types of construction for garden buildings which basically come down to 3 basic types -
  • Interlocking log cabins
  • Framed and clad
  • Post and beam
All 3 types have their own querks and intricacies which means that it isn't wise to just add an extension onto the side without understanding the build method. For instance, log cabins are taller in the winter as opposed to summer (see here) - therefore fixing a standard shed type construction against it will stop this movement and cause no end of problems.

Custom cabin extension projects

All of our buildings are made to order and can therefore be made to measure without a problem.....we can make the extension to properly fit onto your existing garden building. This is just one example -

The existing cabin was 5x5m and our customer wanted to double the size by adding anothe 5x5m log cabin onto it. This may sound simple but the junction between the 2 buildings had to be made in such a way that the roofs were always going to move together "as one", given that log cabins are guaranteed to move up and down through the seasons (otherwise the 2 roofs would tear themselves apart if the cabins moved independantly). Not only that, but the ridge line on the existing cabin was running in the wrong direction to simply add on and extend the ridge line. We therefore constructed a roof with valleys which is the only practical way to join the 2 elements together but also it adds a lovely feature, breaking the roofline up to make it much more interesting to the eye. The extension comprised of 2 rooms - an integrated small box room for a WC was added by simple additional log wall partitioning.

Log Cabin Repairs

Hortons log cabin repair service can also be utlised whilst adding an extension kit. It is very often the case that an exisdting timber garden building could do with a spruce up before anything is added onto it. We offer this service as well, anything from smal repairs right up to full timber cabin renovations and refurbishments.. This page explains more about what we can offer. 

If you need that little bit more room in your garden then this fits the bill. We can make it so that you can build it onto the side of your house or a brick wall as well if need be, so you don't already need a log cabin in order to make this possible.