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The Uses Of Log Cabins

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The popularity with home improvements has grown dramatically over the last few years. This passion has also extended into the garden.
A well-built, high quality log cabin, carefully situated to enhance your garden, is not only an affordable alternative to costly extension work but can add real value to your property. Log cabins and garden summerhouses are becoming more and more desirable, due to the variety of designs and colours available on the market today.
As conservatories lose popularity, the demand for log cabins is increasing. Easy and quick to build, causing minimal disturbance to set-up, the true value of a log cabin is its practical versatility. Here are just a few of the most popular uses:

Garden Summerhouse

Long gone are the days when a summerhouse was a glorified shed, stuck at the bottom of the garden. It is now considered a truly luxurious garden retreat. Widely available in a range of modern or traditional designs and colours to suit every budget, a summerhouse is a haven of peace where you can relax and entertain in elegance and comfort.
Modern-building techniques allow you to furnish your summerhouse to your choosing without the fear of moisture and damp invasion.  
If you have a small garden, a corner summerhouse is an ideal space-efficient solution.

Guest Accommodation

A log cabin can now be built with cavity wall insulation that meets UK buildings regulations, so that it can be used all year round. A properly insulated log cabin is warm and cosy in the winter months and cool and comfortable in the summer. It makes an ideal guest house, providing privacy and detachment from the main house, without losing out on comfort.

Home Office

With more and more people having the opportunity to work from home, an insulated log cabin is the perfect home office solution. Working from home can sometimes be far from ideal, as it is difficult to detach yourself from the home environment. A log cabin gives you autonomy and space to work in comfort and peace, away from domestic distractions.

Games Room

A log cabin can make a great kids’ retreat or family games room. A larger-sized log cabin can accommodate a billiard or table-tennis table that the whole family can enjoy without taking up valuable space in the home. You can de-clutter your home while providing the kids with their own retreat for playing and even sleepovers.
Hortons have an extensive range of log cabins, summerhouses and garden buildings to suit every budget. Whatever your requirements, we offer practical, sustainable and beautiful space solutions.
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