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Chassis for log cabin mobile homes

We can supply steel chassis with lifting points to suit our own Hortons log cabins of any size - we list standard sizes and prices on our website but any size is possible (price on request).

Your log cabin can easily qualify as a transportable mobile home once installed upon the chassis, as dictated by "The Caravan Act".

Cabins over 4m wide need to be manufactured in a way that they can be seperated into 2 halves and therefore 2 chassis will be required as it will need to be a "Twin Unit".

The chassis rest upon a series of concrete pads or a full concrete raft foundation (not included in the price).

This kit includes-

  • Full structural steel ring beam
  • Intermediate steel spacer bars
  • Red oxide primer applied to all steel components for long term rust protection (ready for you to apply your own finishing top coat)
  • Structural tanalised timber joists
  • Tanalised timber noggings all around perimeter
  • Tanalised timber base plate (to be bolted onto the steel ring beam)
  • OSB3 boards to give a flat deck over the whole structure
  • All bolts and fixings supplied

NB - Timber parts need to be cut and notched on site.

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This is a brief summary excerpt from the caravan act -

Definition of a caravan

The term “caravan” means any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another (whether by being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer).
(a) length (exclusive of any drawbar): 65.616 feet (20 metres)
(b) width: 22.309 feet 6.8 metres)
(c) overall height of living accommodation (measured internally from the floor at the lowest level to the ceiling at the highest level): 10.006 feet (3.05 metres)

Transportable log cabins

It is easily possible to make any of our log cabins fully transportable with our steel chassis and fully comply with the act - it is a very easy and simple solution.

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