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View our pent roof contemporary log cabins below. All Apex Log Cabins can be changed to a pent roof

Modern style pent log cabins

Contemporary pent roof cabins - we are able to modify any standard of our apex roof log cabins into a modern pent roof style without adding to the cost of the building. But we also have this range of cabins designed specifically with a mono pitch pent roof as well, which give a totally different look to the buildings. Our sales office is actually a pent roof cabin, the Pent Roof Basildon Cabin.

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What is a pent roof?

Pent roof log cabins have a single pitched roof with just one slope (rather than going up to an apex). They also commonly known as flat roofs as well. But this confuses things as many people think a flat roof is just that. Therefore the rain water would just sit on a flat roof. Whereas they do generally have a very slight slope ion them as well for this purpose.

Pent roofs have a bad reputation - don't flat roofs leak?

Not any more! Gone are the days of felt roofing which needs replacing every few years. There's nothing worse than looking up at the ceiling to see wet patches. By the time you see these damp areas, it's too late of course. Who knows what damage has been done - repairing a cabin roof is no fun. The new "wonder material" is EPDM rubber roofing. This is one big sheet of rubber with no seams or joins. The seams and joins are where the inevitable leaks start with a felt roof. Our EPDM comes with a 20 year manufacturers warranty (expected to last at least double that). We also supply our EPDM roofing kits with all of the uPVC edge trims and glue that you will need for your cabin roof.

Be different - flat roof garden buildings look great

Log cabins with a modern design deliberately to look totally different to the typical Scandinavian garden hut - modern buildings for modern times! Pent roof log cabins transform a traditional style of cabin into a cutting edge design. All at no extra cost from Hortons!

Use your imagination

If you can't find the cabin you desire on this page then try looking at any of our other apex cabins for inspiration - we can modify them to have a pent roof as well at little or no extra cost.

4x7m insulated Twin Skin pent roof log cabin

This is a 4x7m highly insulated Twin Skin log cabin. We offer a customisation service where we can change any aspect of any cabin. This one was changed from an apex roof to a pent roof sloping in the long 7m direction and still with the standard 1m canopy that comes with the Bath log cabin. The front wall was changed to give as much light as possible into the front room. This together with the 2 double windows in the side wall (which are high enough to fit furniture underneath) make it a lovely light and airy room even on a dull day. The last 2m of this cabin are used for a storage room, hence the high level window that lets light in without getting in the way of the storage shelves etc. click here to go to the 4m x 7m Bath log cabin page


4x7m insulated Twin Skin pent roof log cabin_1 4x7m insulated Twin Skin pent roof log cabin_2 4x7m insulated Twin Skin pent roof log cabin_3