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uPVC windows and doors for garden buildings

Upgrade to uPVC windows and doors in your log cabin or garden building

After extensive research and development, we are now able to offer uPVC doors and windows with our log cabins and garden buildings.

uPVC windows and doors for garden buildings


Our single and double doors have half glazed, fully glazed and full panel door options as well as sliding patio doors -

uPVC doors for Hortons garden buildings


We have various sizes of uPVC windows which also have tilt & turn options as well -

uPVC tilt and turn windows


The obvious main advantage is that they require virtually no long term maintenance, so they don't need painting them every few years and of course they will never rot. This option does initially cost a little more than wooden joinery when compared with unpainted timber windows and doors. However, they are still cheaper when compared with our factory painted ISO timber window and doors. Not forgetting thet you will save a lot of time and money over the lifetime of the building. There are numerous colour options, so we can match the colour of your building (we can even offer split colours where the internal side is white and you choose the external colour from the following uPVC colour chart) -

Colour choices for Hortons uPVC windows and doors

The advice over the years that it is not possible to fit uPVC windows or doors to log cabins. This is because the wall logs need to be able to move freely (all log cabins move up and down, summer to winter). Therefore we have devised a method that allows for the logs to move when fitting our new uPVC windows and doors.

We also sell a wide range of timber frame garden buildings. This is much more straight forward. It is easily possible to screw any uPVc items into the holes in the walls in these particular buildings. However, even this is not that straight forward if you use standard uPVC frames. Waterproofing them can be tricky as you end up with "butt" joints all round, which can look ugly. so in addition you have to add a number of trims inside and outside to make them "neat".

We have designed our uPVC joinery frames so that they don't need any of this! Simply push them into the holes and fixed with screws! No extra trims or waterproofing required as this is all built into the frames already!

We do sell any of these items individually as well, so if you are renovating your existing garden room or if you are just fed up with maintaining your existing building we can supply you with these top garde A+ rated uPVC windows and doors at very cheap prices. You can even order custom sizes from us, so you can simply remove your old windows or doors and fit the new ones straight back into the same hole very quickly and very easily. Not forgetting that we do offer a service to carry this out for you.


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