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Made to shape lean-to Log Cabin

Many companies advertise their cabin extension kits, BUT they still have to fit within their standard modules and sizes. We are able to offer a bespoke service for any size or shape of lean-to cabin extension. This means that you can utilise the whole space available rather and you can dictate how the extension will look - we can match your existing building's style or contrast it - the choice is yours.

The roof shape will commonly be a pent roof style which throws the water away from the existng cabin. However, we are also able to cut and pitch gable and hipped roofs, integrating vallies if need be. This therefore means that you aren't limited by the eaves height of your existing building either.

These buildings may require a bit more work to install compared to a standard log cabin (trims etc may need to be cut or made on site, extra weatherproofing materials and methods may be required, etc) , but well worth the effort to make the maximum use of the available space that you have very economically.

What's the next step?

We require you to send us a floor plan with actual dimensions and the proposed positions of windows, doors and partitions together with your contact details (we are unable to give estimates or approximate prices over the phone).

How are they built?

These structures require a solid wall to fix against, they cannot be free standing, and so the lean-to would fix against one of our standard cabins- this creates 2 rooms which can either be separate (with or without a connecting doorway) or an archway can be cut between the two for one large space.