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Easibuild Strong Timber Workshop

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All Hortons log cabins are made from slow grown spruce timber. Windows and Doors are Double Glazed as standard for all Hortons Log Cabins of wall thickness 35mm and above, 28mm Log cabins are Single glazed as standard (Upgrade is available). We fit your glass for free before delivery, unlike some of our competitors.
Hortons cabin doors come with special security hinges which are also adjustable. Our security hinges mean the doors cannot be simply unscrewed from their frame to gain access. Additional Doors and windows can be added to any Hortons Log Cabin, call us for details & quotes. Minimum purlin size for Hortons log cabins are 70x140mm and no greater than 600mm apart for a very strong roof.


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    One of the main problems with a strong, heavy duty, well constructed timber garden building is that they are made with large, very heavy and awkward panels making it difficult to actually get into your garden. They are often not only very heavy but can also be long or tall (or both long and tall) panels - if you have restricted access (width or height) then quite often, short of hiring a crane for the day, you have to look for other options. This is why we have come up with our unique "Easibuild" garden workshop shed.

    The walls are made using a stacking system where each wall is at least 2 panels high and can be a number of panels long (but crucially all vertical joins are staggered to give much more lateral strength than when full height panels are joined, in a similar way to staggered brickwork joints - all joins are staggered from the previous course to give added strength). This eliminates the access problems previously described (size and weight of panels). We also add extra vertical timber strengtheners (going from the very top to the very bottom of each wall if more than 3m long) into pre-formed channels within the wall panels to tie it all together very quickly and easily during the build, to make it probably the stongest workshop construction you will ever come across. In combination with panelised floor and roof panels (again all very manageable sizes), this workshop is ideal for DIY installation.
    We have our own dedicated factory which makes these garden buildings and structures, therefore we can not only make any size or design you choose but we can also offer factory painting using high quality Remmers Aidol treatment meaning that once you have built it, it's done and fully weather-proofed.

    Workshop Specifications

    • Ridge height - 2.44m (within planning restrictions)
    • Eaves height - 2m (extra tall meaning you have plenty of headroom throughout the building)
    • 18mm (finished thickness) tanalised shiplap cladding
    • 47x75mm tanalised wall framing
    • Trussed roof
    • Diagonal bracing within each wall panel for strength
    • Breather membrane lining to all walls
    • Green mineral felt roll supplied as standard
    • Tanalised floor panels
    • Tanalised floor bearers at 400mm spacings for a very strong floor
    • 2 x 600x600mm joinery made, log cabin quality opening windows supplied as standard
    • Safety glass
    • Double doors (very strong - 3" thick, double clad (inside and outside) for security)
    • Galvanised door furniture
    • 3 x heavy duty hinges on each door with each leaf bolted through for high security
    • Includes delivery to most of the UK - see terms and conditions for free delivery area postcodes


    • Extra doors
    • Extra windows
    • 47x100mm or even 47x150mm framing for larger buildings
    • Insulation packs (for roof, walls or floor - you can choose)
    • Felt shingles
    • Change window sizes - we have many choices available (click here)
    • Factory painting using high quality Remmers timber treatment
    • Made to measure service - can be made to the nearest millimetre, any size, shape and layout is possible!

    We have an 8x10ft Easibuild heavy duty workshop on display in our large showground in West Sussex.

    Click here to see photos of all the buildings we currently have on display.


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