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Workshops - free Installation

A garden workshop has many uses  - August sale and special offers!

The Supreme Workshop, made by Shedlands, is perfect for extra space to make stuff, indulge a hobby or undertake a new project. Install this workshop shed in your back garden to make better use of available space outside of your house. It has ledged and braced double doors for easy access and 24” x 24” windows make it very light inside - the Supreme Workshop is the ideal building


Specifications for the Supreme Garden Workshop

  • Size range: 2.44m x 1.83m (8’ x 6’) up to 3.66m x 2.44m (12’ x 8’)
  • Framing: 38mm x 50mm
  • Eaves height for apex workshops: 1864mm (6' 1")
  • Ridge height for apex workshops (governed by building width): 1.83m (6’) gable = 2336mm (7' 8"), 2.44m (8’) gable = 2475mm (8' 1")
  • Rear wall height for pent workkshops: 1937mm (6' 4")
  • Front wall height for pent workshops: 2153mm (7' 1")
  • Windows: 610mm x 610mm
  • Double Door: 1880mm x 1220mm (6'2" x 4'), with Zinc Hinges, Zinc ‘D’ Handle & Lock & Key

Why buy a workshop?

A wooden garden workshop shed is the perfect quiet place to escape from it all and enjoy your craft, hobby or get your work done. Whether your turn your space into an artist's den or a carpentry studio, a well designed shed is the perfect workshop. The extra height allows many more activities, no need to crouch down or mind out when lifting items around inside.
Away from the hustle and bustle of your house and out in the garden, you can create extra space for yourself, keep your tools and materials tidy and out of the house, and concentrate on what you're doing in the peace of your own private work space.
You can line and insulate your workshop such that you can be comfortable during the cold winter. And it will equally keep you cooler in the hot summer months as well. This will make a very wise investment. It’s reasonably easy to fully insulate our garden workshop if you are reasonably practical at DIY skills. You just cut it to size, and fit it between the framing making sure it is a snug fit). Then cut and fix your lining, there are many choices available. Plywood, moisture resistant hardboard or MDF or even T&G match boarding.