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Hortons Log Cabins
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3.5m - 4m Log cabin widths, ranging from 2.5m up to 13m long

Up to 4m Log Cabin width

4m log cabins for sale. Supply and fitThe width of Hortons cabins is always the wall which includes the main set of access doors. This is regardless of the direction of the ridge line. Therefore we also advise that you look in other sections just in case we have categorised your cabin in a different way. That is to say that a 4m x 3m cabin may be shown in the "Log Cabins up to 3m wide" section instead of this "up to 4m wide" section. Possibly because the doors are in the 3m wall (and therefore we call it a 3x4m cabin).

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Enjoy your garden to the full

4m wide log cabins are wide enough to fit table chairs in without feeling cramped. This makes it just the right place to enjoy a cup of tea and the garden! Conservatory-style furniture will provide the comfort factor! And don't forget that we can modify any of the standard designs to suit you. You can compare 4m wide to a lot of standard house sized rooms. Therefore you can wander around your house to get a "feel" of what size cabin you need. A typical bedroom for instance is somewhere between 3m x 3m up to 4m x 4m, so it may well be that a 4x3m cabin is exactly what you are after. This help tremendously in your search for a garden cabin.

Your ideal design

We can add extra windows and doors to our standard range of log cabins up to 4m wide which might change a standard cabin into your ideal building, alternatively, we can quote for custom buildings made to any size (we require all measurements - width, depth, eaves height, ridge height, number of doors and windows and any internal partitions required - may be you could send us a simple plan view).