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Big log cabins 7m - 14m wide and up to 6m deep

Big log cabins over 6m wide

Large log cabins for sale. Supply and fit.Log Cabins over 6m - big log cabins can vary wildly in design due to their size. The wall which includes the main set of access doors is the width of Hortons log cabins. This may be different to how you "see it". You may call a cabin 7x5m but we call it 5x7m because the access doors are in the 5m wall. Therefore our "Log Cabins over 6m wide" may be the wrong section to look in. In this case, also try looking in the "5m wide log cabins" section. However, we can modify the design to your requirements. For ease, we have listed both orientations in this category.

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Large cabins

When the buildings get to this size and you can't find the size and/or layout you require, why settle for anything less than your ideal? We can customise any cabin to any design you like. When you are considering large garden buildings, you should first think about the design you require. Then ask yourself if it is practical for both how you will use it and also it terms of build. Sometimes a few minor design tweaks can save a lot of money - please give us a ring to discuss your ideas. Finally, you then possibly also have Planning Permission and Building Regulations to tackle. Or not, as the case may be. By all means, you can contact us to find out more about the rules and regulations.

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If you are still searching for ideas, please also refer to the following categories for more ideas for large log cabins-

Timber Houses (single storey and two storey available)
Sports Pavilions
School Classrooms (can also be used for large clear span meeting rooms, scout huts or village halls)

Any of our log cabins can comply with the Caravan Act with our mobile home chassis kits

OR alternatively, do you have a photo of what catches your eye. Even if only for how you want to "style" your cabin. We can then take inspiration from this and come up with ideas that you may not have thought of yet.

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