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4.5m - 5m Log cabin widths, ranging from 3.5m up to 13m long

Up to 5m Log Cabin width

5m log cabins for sale. Supply and fitLog Cabins up to 5m wide - The wall which includes the main set of access doors is the width of the log cabin. Regardless of the direction of the ridge line, or what you may think the width, depth or length are. Thus you may need to check in one of our other categories. This is because you may be searching for a 5x4m cabin but the doors are in the 4m wall, and so we call it a 4x5m log cabin. Therefore, if you are looking for a 5x4m log cabin, then this "Log cabins up to 6m wide" is the correct section. What if you can't find you ideal design but we have the correct size? Then we are always able to modify the design (ie move windows/doors or add windows and doors) to meet your requirements..

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Different wall thickness options

Nearly all of the above cabins are available in single skin (28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 60mm, 70mm and 90mm wall logs). And also twinskin fully insulated walls (28+28mm, 35+35mm, 45+45mm, 60+60mm and 70+70mm wall logs). Therefore we can cater for all types of buildings. Whether they are just storage rooms, garden offices or even living accommodation which will need to comply with UK building regulations. Please ask for details if you aren't sure which specification you require to suit your needs. We can guide you through all of the options. Therefore you get a realistic price rather than just searching the internet and ending up with something totally unsuitable. And probably not much cheaper than the range of prices we can generate for you (to the correct specification!).

Fun for all the family

This range of cabins are big enough for a pool table or even a table tennis table. Together with a couch and TV (of course!). That sounds like the perfect mancave!

Monthly Specials For May

Lincoln Twinskin 60 + 60mm 5 x 4m
£13,741.42  £13,087.06
Black November Offer Price: £12,367.28
Save: 10% off