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Bespoke Corner Log Cabins

Bespoke corner log cabins

This is a gallery of bespoke corner log cabins that we have built - we can make any size, any shape and any design!

We can add internal partitions to divide cabins into 2 rooms, 3 rooms or even more if the cabin is large enough. We add add extra doors wherever required, so we can make the second room accessible from outside rather than having to walk through the first main room to gain access - not ideal if you are storing mowers etc in the 2nd room of course!

Another alternative is to add a side store onto the end of a corner cabin to store the garden tools etc without cluttering up the main summerhouse area. The combination of a corner cabin with side store is porbably a little bit cheaper but the side store isn't as tall nor as deep as it needs to fit within the confines of the blank wall of the main cabin.

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3x8m corner log cabin

3x8m corner log cabin

Based on a standard corner cabin design and specifcation, this cabin was made to 3m x 8m and divided into 3 rooms for multiple uses – front summerhouse section with an extra tall window for added light, middle room for an office and the rear room for a storage area (hence no windows required) click here to go to the corner cabins page


3x8m corner log cabin_1 3x8m corner log cabin_2 3x8m corner log cabin_3 3x8m corner log cabin_video

  • Model: bespoke-corner-log-cabins-with-side-store
  • Manufactured by: Hortons

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