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Hortons Cube Garden Office Price From: £3,854.45

Easibuild Contemporary Cube Garden Office

Well constructed timber garden buildings are usually manufactured in large, very heavy and awkward panels which can make it difficult to actually get the building into into your garden - especially if you have restricted access (width or height). Sometimes having to take them over a garage roof or fence which involves lots of extra manpower and expense. This is why we have come up with our unique "Easibuild" garden building range.
The walls are made using bite-sized pieces, but built in such a way that the end resulot is a very strong construction (resulting in each wall being stronger than if made in 1 large panel), this eliminating the access problems.
In combination with panelised floor and roof panels (again all very manageable sizes), this garden office is ideal for DIY installation.
We have our own dedicated factory which makes these garden buildings and structures, therefore we can not only make any size or design you choose but we can also offer factory painting using high quality Remmers Aidol treatment meaning that once you have built it, it's done and fully weather-proofed.
Our Easibuild range are called "Easibuild" for a reason (plus they have already been mainly pre-assembled at our factory before shipping). Check the installation video of our showsite model being built......

Cube Office Specifications

  • Overall height - 2.45m (within planning restrictions)
  • 18mm (finished thickness) tanalised cladding (can be vertical or horizontal cladding)
  • 47x75mm tanalised wall framing
  • 70x140mm roof purlins - very strong
  • Diagonal bracing within each wall panel for strength
  • Breather membrane lining to all walls
  • EPDM rubber roofing supplied as standard (complete with all glue and trims required)
  • Tanalised floor panels
  • Tanalised floor bearers at 400mm spacings for a very strong floor
  • Double glazed, double doors with eurolock security
  • 2 x 690x2125mm joinery made, log cabin quality fixed sidelights
  • Safety glass
  • Includes delivery to most of the UK - see terms and conditions for free delivery area postcodes


  • Doors can be flush or inset on the front wall (see photos for both options)
  • Extra doors
  • Extra windows
  • 47x100mm or even 47x150mm framing for larger buildings
  • Insulation packs (for roof, walls or floor - you can choose)
  • Change window sizes - we have many choices available (click here)
  • Factory painting using high quality Remmers timber treatment
  • Veranda decking within inset area in front of doors (if you choose to inset your doors)
  • Made to measure service - can be made to the nearest millimetre, any size, shape and layout is possible!
Product Model: easibuild-cube
Wall Height: 2.35m
Ridge Height: 2.45m
2 x 690mm(w) x 2125mm(h) Window
1 x 1565mm(w) x 2125mm(h) Double Door


6ft x 6ft Easibuild Cube Office Pod

6ft x 6ft Easibuild Cube Office Pod



Upgrade from 18mm cladding to 28mm cladding

Timber base kit

Weed and damp-proof membranes

Insulation Kit

(NB you will need to order extra tins of paint if you intend to paint your ceiling/roof overhangs/canopies to match the walls)

Please choose if you have opted for Remmers factory or self applied

Sadolin Classic & Remmers = translucent, Superdec = semi-opaque - enough in tins for 2 coats to the external walls

Please choose if you have opted for self applied Sadolin

Cabin images on our website may also show optional extras (roof coverings, verandas etc). The paint colour images on our website may vary to the colour of treatment you purchase. You should try a sample pot first - paints & stains are non-returnable.

All surfaces (internal and external) of your log cabin must be painted with an appropriate timber treatment or sealer