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Chalet Summerhouse

Chalet Summerhouse

The Chalet Summerhouse is a lovely place to enjoy your garden on those long summer days and comes in a range of sizes. Quality features include a 6 pane Georgian door with black japanned antique hinges, ornate handle and a keyed lever lock. 4 pane Georgian fixed windows to the front and sides are all included as standard.

Specifications for the Chalet Summerhouse

  • Size range: 1.83m x 2.44m (6’ x 8’) to 3.05m x 3.05m (10’ x 10’)
  • Framing: 32mm x 44mm finished size (38mm x 50mm  nominal size before planing)
  • Eaves height: 1865mm (6ft 1")
  • Ridge heights for each summerhouse width: 2.44m (8ft) width = 2490mm or 3.05m (10ft) = 2570mm 
  • Georgian front & side top hung windows: 1148mm x 685mm (3ft 7" x 2ft 3") including toughened glass
  • Georgian Door: 1790mm x 762mm (5ft 10.5" x 2ft 6") including toughened glass
  • Roof Overhang: 305mm (12")
  • Optional 2’-6” or 4’ Veranda 
  • Black Ornate Hinges, Handle & Lever Lock

Make this your own personalised garden chalet

We offer all sorts of modification options with this chalet summerhouse. Not least is one of the cheapest options that can make the most impact. We offer paint for your summerhouse with a huge range of colours at a very competitive price. Unusually this paint comes in a compact 5 litre tin but it is then diluted down to make 15 litres to be the true colour. However, if you want a stronger, deeper colour then you can use less water to dilute it.
Enjoy this summer house inside or outside, this chalet has an option to add a veranda as well. There are 2 depth choices for the veranda. Option 1 is 762mm (2ft 6") which is just about deep enough to put a chair on. However the 1220mm (4ft) deep veranda gives plenty of room for table and chairs.