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These summerhouse prices include installation - quality summerhouses installed

Summerhouses - free Installation

Summerhouses with free installation  - August sale and special offers!

Installed summerhousesThe first thing to point out is that all of the garden summerhouses in this category include free delivery and installation in the prices shown. We just need a flat and level base to build them on


If you are thinking of buying one of our summerhouses, are made by Shedlands, you probably have an idea of what you would like it to look like.  You will need to think about size, windows, doors, but have you thought about all the little details that will make it as functional as possible?
The first thing to consider is what would you will be using it for? This will dictate your decisions on the size, the roof style, type of doors, number and position of windows.

Size of the summerhouse - we install it, so no need to worry about how big it is!

This is the first thing you will need to consider. Is it going to be big enough for what you want to to do in it, without being too big. Whilst it obviously needs to fit into the space available in your garden. Will it be purely used for a "summer" house where you will just use it as a relaxation area. Or may be you want to use it for an outside room away from the house. Where you can dine or use it as a games room. These will need a larger area, so bear that in mind. 

We can install your summerhouse wherever you like, so choose wisely!

You certainly need a summer house that comfortably fits into your garden. And provide you with enough space for what you need. Whereas if you can accommodate a large chalet in your garden, you could use it for a dual purpose building. May be using the rear for storage of your garden tools too, thus you wouldn't require a secondary shed.

Roof type - there are a few different choices with summerhouse roofs

Another important choice is what style roof you will need. An apex roof will give you more height and headroom in the middle of the building. It is also a more traditional roof choice. However a pent roof will give a more even headroom through the building. Thus giving a bit more headroom at the rear low side. Not forgetting the hipped roof style of the octagonal buildings. These stand out and make a real statement - look at me!

Type of summerhouse door

Choosing what type of door or double doors you have in your summerhouse is also a big decision. If you are going to need to bring large items in, like garden furniture, in and out , then you will want to consider double doors for ease of access. Double doors can also be opened up in the hot summer days to let outside in. Giving you the chance to enjoy it that much more.

Summerhouse windows - these can be installed wherever your require, or even add extra

Another choice you will want to make is about windows. Not only how many and where you want them but also the styles we offer. Full panes, Georgian panes or leaded lights are all available.
You should also consider how the sun will hit the building in combination with what you want to use it for. What view will you want to see? Do you want the sun shining through directly onto where you will be seated? If you will be using it for hobbies, additional light to help you see the projects you are working on.

Free installation with your summerhouse

Choose one of these summerhouses with free installation to make sure that you have nothing else to consider. Just let us do all the work so all you have to do is enjoy it!