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Charlton Summerhouse

Bay window summerhouses are special

The Charlton Summerhouse is somewhere to relax in your garden. Great features include side wings supporting the front roof canopy. Not forgetting the great feature Georgian bay window. Plus the 6 pane Georgian double doors with black antique hinges, ornate handle and lever lock. There is also a 4 pane Georgian top hung opening windows in each side wall as standard.

Specifications for the Charlton Summerhouse

  • Size range: From 1.83m x 3.05m (6' x 10') to 3.66m x 3.66m (12' x 12')
  • Framing size for 3.03m (10') summerhouse width: 32x44mm (38mm x 50mm nominal)
  • Framing size for 3.66m (12') and over (prices on request) – 44x44mm (50mm x 50mm nominal)
  • Eaves height: 1864mm (6ft 1")
  • Ridge height varies according to the summerhouse width:  3.03m (10’) = 2570mm or 3.66m (12’) = 2655mm
  • Fixed Georgian Bay Window: 1035mm x 1035mm (Toughened Glass)
  • Top Hung Georgian Side Windows: 1148mm x 685mm (Toughened Glass)
  • Georgian Double Door: 1780mm x 1092mm (Toughened Glass) with Black Ornate Hinges, Handle & Lever Lock
  • Roof Overhang: 305mm (12")
  • Side Wings: 305mm (12")

What's special about this garden summerhouse?

The Charlton summerhouses is manufactured using quality 12mm shiplap cladding throughout. The larger 3.66m/12ft models have heavy duty 44x44mm framing for extra strength. The 3.03m/10ft model having the standard 32mm x 44mm frame panels, which is ample for this size of summerhouse. The unique bay window feature encourages light to flood into this gorgeous summerhouse while you laze on a summers day. This also gives you extra space for storage or for your cups of tea whilst relaxing. The opening side windows allowing a gentle breeze to flow through keeping you cool. The feature "winged" side panels give it a Scandinavian style whilst also being a practical structural element. It supports the front roof canopy which gives some shade. All of these great features create an extremely practical and charming summerhouse.