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Hobby Summerhouse

The Hobby Summerhouse is perfect for your hobbies!

The Hobby is an entry level summerhouse which is a sturdy design that will fit neatly into your garden. The perfect choice for a garden hobby room or a storage facility, but which looks much nicer than a standard shed. If you want a simple garden building which will be in view, then this summer house will fit the bill. It is a very economic option for something that is still pleasing on the eye. It includes a single ledged and braced door with zinc T-hinges, zinc ‘D’ handle and a lock and key. There are 2 front fixed windows and 2 fixed side windows as standard. A 1ft roof overhang is also included as standard with an option to increase to a 2’-6” or 4’ veranda for much more usability and better aesthetics.

Specifications for the Hobby Summerhouse

  • Size range: 1.52m x 2.13m (5’ x 7’) up to 3.05m x 2.44m (10’ x 8’)
  • Framing: 32mm x 44mm Framing (38x50mm nominal)
  • 12mm Shiplap cladding (15mm nominal)
  • Eave height: 1680mm (5ft 6")
  • Ridge height governed by the summerhouse width:
  1. 1.83m (6ft) - 2160mm (7ft 1")
  2. 2.13m (7ft) - 2270mm (7ft 5")
  3. 2.44m (8ft) - 2280mm (7ft 6")
  4. 3.03m (10ft) - 2370mm (7ft 9")
  • Window sizes governed by building width:
  1. 1.83m (6ft) - 610mm x 457mm
  2. 2.13m (7ft) - 610mm x 457mm
  3. 2.44m (8ft) and over- 610mm x 610mm
  4. All Side Windows – 610mm x 610mm
  • Roof Overhang: 305mm (12"), Zinc Hinges, Zinc ‘D’ Handle, Lock & Key
  • Door: 1765mm x 762mm
  • Optional 2’-6” or 4’ Veranda

The many uses for garden summer houses

Summerhouses are perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or in this case a very nice looking garden shed. You can make the most of your garden, backyard, or patio with an extra outside space. Summer houses (also sometimes called garden chalets or shed summerhouses) can offer the perfect outdoor storage or garden office, hobby studio for writing and crafting, or even a home gym.
Please browse our wide range of summer houses for sale, in lots of various sizes and styles, and to suit all budgets and gardens. If you're unsure which garden summer house is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 01403 888222.