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Octagonal Summerhouse

There are lots of ways to make your garden more appealing when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. Our Octagonal Summerhouse is the perfect answer. It's a lovely feature garden building that offers a place to relax and unwind in your garden. The double doors have antique hinges and an ornate keyed handle with 3 lever lock. The windows wrap around the building, there are 2 opening and 2 fixed windows. These windows come with a choice of square or diamond Georgian leaded glazing. The roof is topped of with felt shingle roof tiles which are available in black, green, red or slate grey. There is a pretty finial at the top of the roof.

Image Item Name- Price
10ft x 10ft Octagon Summerhouse

10ft x 10ft Octagon Summerhouse


8ft Stretched Octagon Summerhouse

8ft Stretched Octagon Summerhouse


8ft x 8ft Octagon Summerhouse

8ft x 8ft Octagon Summerhouse


Specifications for the Octagonal Summerhouse

  • Size: 2.44m x 2.44m (8’ x 8’) or 2.44m x 2.67m (8’ x 8’-9”)
  • Framing: 32mm x 44mm Framing (38x50mm nominal before machining)
  • Eaves height: 2035mm (6' 7")
  • Ridge height: 2535mm (8' 4")
  • Georgian Double Doors: 1780mm x 1092mm (Toughened Glass) with black ornate hinges, handle & lever lock
  • Front Georgian Top Hung Opening Windows: 1148mm x 685mm (Toughened Glass)
  • Side Georgian fixed Windows:1148mm x 685mm (Toughened Glass)
  • Tiled Roof: Black, Green, Red or Slate felt shingles
  • Optional Square Leaded or Diamond Leaded Windows

Show your octagonal summerhouse off!

An invitation to friends or family will be gladly accepted by them if they know that they will be spending some time in your summerhouse. It is truly an elegant garden building, shaped along classic lines. An octagonal summerhouse is the pinnacle of feature garden buildings. Outdoor living is becoming the norm more and more. Therefore we want more from our garden buildings, whether it is just a purely functional building like a shed or if it is more of a leisure building such as a summerhouse. We want a high spec building that looks good in our gardens. Gone are the days of trying to hide a cheap shed in the corner of the garden. We want a building to shout about and show off, but is also value for money.
An octagonal summerhouse offers a warm and welcoming space which gives protection from the elements. Whether that be giving shed in the summer or shelter for the wind and rain in the winter. A stunning octagonal summerhouse is the crowning glory in your beloved garden. Choose some optional extras to lift it even more like factory painting. Pick the windows and doors out in a bright contrasting colour to the walls to make it  the prominent feature of your garden. You have a stand out building, so make it conspicuous rather than a typical shed that you try to hide away. Whether you want to relax in a cosy hideaway or work on your hobbies in tranquillity, our summerhouses offer these possibilities and many more.