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Chiltern Summerhouse

The summerhouse design that came first, and all others followed

The Chiltern Summerhouse is a luxury garden building with a 4ft veranda with side handrails. Features include a pair of 6 pane Georgian double doors with black antique hinges, ornate handle and level lock. Additionally there are two 4 pane Georgian fixed windows in the front wall) one either side of the doors). Plus two 4 pane top hung Georgian opening windows in the the side walls.

Specifications for the Chiltern Summerhouse

  • Size range: 3.05m x 3.05m (10’ x 10’) up to 4.87m x 3.05m (16’ x 10’)
  • Framing:44mm x 44mm Framing (50x50mm nominal size)
  • Eaves height: 1891mm (6' 2")
  • Ridge according to width: 3.03m (10’) width = 2560mm (8' 5") / 3.66m (12’) = 2645mm (8' 8")
  • Fixed Georgian Front Windows: 1010mm x 475mm (Toughened Glass)
  • Top Hung Opening Georgian Side Windows: 1148mm x 685mm (Toughened Glass)
  • Georgian Double Doors: 1790mm x 1510mm (Toughened Glass) with Black Ornate Hinges, Handle & Lever Lock
  • Veranda: 4’ – 1200mm With Front Balustrade Returns

Your summerhouse

The design of the Chiltern is that of a chalet style, with the addition of a charming covered veranda to set up a table and chairs to enjoy drinks or take a break from the garden. Then once the sun starts to go down the temperature cools, disappear inside for an evening tipple!
There are various options for this summerhouse including factory painting. You can choose 2 different colours with this option. That usually means that the colour of the windows and doors is contrasting to the one that you choose for the walls. There are lots of colours to choose from and therefore even more possible combinations. Of course, you can choose whichever combination you like! Ultimately, you really can tailor it to suit your garden and house and put your own stamp on it. Choose this summer house whether you want an alfresco dining area for the summer, or you need a hobby room to use all year-round.