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Shedlands bespoke sheds

Shedlands bespoke sheds

Shedlands offer a made to measure service all of their sheds. As a Shedlands agent, we can offer their full made to measure service for any building in their range. There is a large range of sizes available from Shedlands as standard already. But if you have a requirement for non-standard size of garden building, then this can be made as a custom project. The Shedlands bespoke sheds really can be made to your exact requirements!

Made to measure garden sheds at reasonable prices

Most companies charge a large premium to make custom size buildings. But Shedlands prices are very reasonable and give you the opportunity to have the actual building you want, regardless of whether you want it long and thin to fit up the side of your house or just an odd size to fit into a corner of your garden. Why settle for the next smaller size down when you don't have to? That is the pertinent question to which there is no reasonable answer!

Shedlands custom made sheds

Not only can you have your shed made to the size that you require, but you can also change the design layout as well. If you want the doors or window in certain positions then this is also possible. You will see in each of the product listings that there is an option to add extra shed doors and windows. There is no premium to add for this, just the price listed against each of the additional pieces. You just let us know where you want them to be positioned, and that's it! You can design Shedlands bespoke sheds to what you want. Don't settle for anything less!

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We have a number of Shedlands garden buildings on display -
So come and the the quality of these buildings. You can chat with our expert staff about any changes that you may want to make.
Alternatively drop us an email describing what you want and we'll come back to you as soon as we can with prices and options.