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Dalby Pent Garden Shed

Pent Shed - Dalby model

This pent shed is from the best selling range for garden storage with quality features including a good spec door. It has a ledged & braced door with lock & key, zinc hinges & "D" handle included as standard. The windows in this pent shed are 610mm x 610mm and glazed with horticultural glass. The number of windows is dependant on the size of the shed.

Specifications for the Dalby Pent Shed

  • FREE nationwide delivery 
  • FREE nationwide installation 
  • Felt roll as standard
  • 12mm Tongue and groove roof & floor boards 
  • 15mm Shiplap cladding
  • 610mm x 610mm (24" x 24") window with horticultural glass
  • 1765mm x 762mm Single door
  • Zinc door hinges & zinc "D" handle
  • 38mm x 50mm Framing
  • 1737mm (5'8.5") rear eaves height
  • 1953mm (6'5") front wall height

What pent garden shed is best for me?

Pent sheds are ideal for simple garden storage. You can direct the rain water to flow off the roof in one direction. You can make use of this by adding guttering to collect it in a water butt as well. The high side of the shed can double up for use as a hobby area or a cheap potting shed. Do this by simply adding a shelf just under the windows. Shelving is always a wise idea as it doubles the available floor area. Thus serving as the ideal place for paint pots etc that get in the way on the floor.

Plan for your shed before you buy

We can add the windows and doors in any position you choose. We have standard templates but you can alter these if you need to as well. This means there are many combinations. So it is always wise to peg the shed out in your garden before you buy. There are simple things to consider like which way round you want the door to open. We can hinge either way at no extra cost. For instance, it would be very frustrating if you had to open the door towards you and then walk around it every time. Much simpler if it opens away from you, then you can walk straight in with hindrance. Another consideration is for the windows. If a dark corner, then position the windows towards the sun to make it lighter inside so you can see what you're doing when you're in there.