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Dalby Apex Garden Shed

Apex Shed - Dalby model

This apex shed is from the best selling range for garden storage with quality features including a good spec door. It has a ledged & braced door with lock & key, zinc hinges & "D" handle included as standard. The windows in this apex shed are 610mm x 610mm and glazed with horticultural glass. The number of windows is dependant on the size of the shed.
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  • Felt roll as standard
  • 12mm Tongue and groove roof & floor boards 
  • 15mm Shiplap cladding
  • 610mm x 610mm (24" x 24") window with horticultural glass
  • 1765mm x 762mm Single door
  • Zinc door hinges & zinc "D" handle
  • 38mm x 50mm Framing
  • 1680mm eaves height
  • 1985mm ridge height for 4ft wide buildings 

What size and style of garden (pent or apex) shed is best for me?

Simply put, you will always fill whatever space you have. So it follows that you should buy the biggest shed that you can afford that will fit in your garden. Even if you only intend to keep a few things in it, like your recycling bins, you will soon store other items as well. A secure but easily accessed location out of your house is what a shed provides. The most common saying after a few months is “I wished we had bought a bigger shed”. That's not just a sales tactic – it is true!
A larger shed can double up as a workshop, potting shed or hobby area where you can keep the dirt and “clutter” out of your house.

Plan for your shed before you buy

There are certain things to contemplate when choosing your garden shed – what size and what design are most paramount. The design may be decided by how you will access it for example. You need to select a shed that will look right in your garden. Which complements the style of your property as well. Apex sheds tend to fit well into any garden. But sometimes the door will need to be in the eaves wall. This isn't possible with a standard apex design. So in this case you would need to opt for a pent shed. If you want to store garden furniture in it, then double doors would be a very good option.
Sometimes it isn't possible to fit a large shed into your garden that would be big enough to fit everything you want to store inside. So 2 separate sheds may be the best option rather than leaving stuff outside or wedging a large shed into your garden even though it doesn't look right. If one is going to be highly visible from your house then possibly opting for a summerhouse is the answer. This will also give you somewhere to enjoy the summer afternoons at the same time.