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Security shed - apex roof

Security Apex Shed

The Security Apex Shed is the ideal garden building for the storage of valuable equipment, machinery and tools. This sturdy, heavy duty shed is highly secure with strong vertical framing every 1ft throughout the building. Thus  giving unsurpassed support to the external cladding. The strong fully framed, ledged & braced door has security bolted hinges which cannot be prised off the building. Even the door locking system is secure because it has a security padbolt protector which shrouds your padlock. This means there is no access to it with bolt cutters or angle grinders. The windows are at a high level meaning intruders cannot easily see what's inside. Plus they are internally glazed so the beading cannot be taken off to gain access. In summary, this again offers maximum security.

Specifications for the Apex security shed

  • FREE delivery across most of the UK
  • FREE installation across most of the UK
  • Felt roll as standard
  • 12mm Tongue and groove roof & floor boards 
  • 12mm Shiplap cladding (15mm nominal thickness before machining)
  • 150mm high x 1220mm wide high level window glazed with horticultural glass
  • 1880mm x 762mm Single door
  • Zinc door hinges 
  • Security bolted padbolt protector
  • 32x44mm framing (38mm x 50mm nominal thickness before machining)
  • 1864mm eaves height
  • 2350mm ridge height for 6ft wide buildings 
  • 2475mm ridge height for 8ft wide buildings 

Prevent theft - don't give them a chance

Why even offer thieves a chance? You can discourage them right from the start with this highly secure garden shed. 

Security shed window

The first thing they would do is try to see what's inside - these high even windows make that very difficult. Sometimes they might be tempted to try to gain entry by removing the glass. Garden sheds are usually glazed from the outside, so removing the glass is very easy (and very quiet so they don't attract attention). Not with our security shed windows which have internal glazing, so removal of the beading isn't possible from the outside. Not ignoring the fact that the size of these windows means they are too small for someone to climb through. But crucially still big enough to allow some natural light inside.

Security shed door

Then they will look for the point of entry. One look at this strong door would put them off , and the secure lock will make them think why bother when it's much easier elsewhere. Your padlock is under the padlock protector meaning it's almost impossible to get any kind of tool (bolt cutters, wrecking bar, grinder, etc) anywhere near it. OK, so the next place to look is the hinges - cheap sheds have very cheap hinges which break easily. Even if they aren't cheap hinges, they are usually just face fixed with screws. Someone can simply unscrew face fixed hinges, but not with this shed. Both leaves of these hinges have bolts right through the framing as well and impossible to take off from the outside. This shed is just too secure for thieves to bother with, it's as simple as that!