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Workshops and Sheds

We have a wide variety of framed garden buildings ideal for workshops and storage sheds for sale. We have a number of sheds of the same size grouped together below which have different prices, this could be because they have different configurations of doors and windows but it is more likely that they are of different qualities - as with everything in life, you get what you pay for!

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Quality of build

As mentioned above we offer a variety of build qualities, this reflects on the strength and durability of the shed or workshop. A few points to note as you peruse our ranges (and may be ask what the difference implications are)-

  • The framework is the backbone of the building - the bigger the framework, the stronger the building.
  • There are 2 main external claddings, featheredge (sometimes called weatherboard) and shiplap. Weatherboard is the cheaper of the two and is a rough triangulated sawn board, each plank is overlapped over the previous board to make it waterproof. Shiplap, however, is a planed board which has an interlocking joint such that it is not only waterproof but also draft proof, normally making a better building.
  • The roof and floor can be made with (in order of preference) solid tongue and grooved timber, OSB strand board or moisture resistent chipboard.
  • The doors can be framed, ledged and braced, ledged and braced or just ledged (be careful with ledged only doors as they tend to drop after a period of time)
  • Windows can be toughened glass, float glass or acrylic/perspex.

Featured Products - Workshops and Sheds

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