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Bertsch Holzau - Nantes 300

Starting at: £7,115.42

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BHB felt shingles (choose colour, already included in price)

R01 (red, square pattern)

Installation service for log cabins and timber buildings

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Nantes 300
  • Wall-thickness 28 mm
  • Diameter: 300 cm


  • Roof-projection: all around = 30 cm
  • Eaves height: 217 cm
  • Ridge height: 300 cm
  • Roof-area: 14 m
  • Slope 28 degrees
  • Open on 5 sides
  • Doors: 1150x1860mm
  • Windows: 4 x 1000x1380mm

How easy are Bertsch-Holzbau buildings to build? The answer is simple - all parts are pre-cut and pre-machined to make the installation very easy with just a few simple tools.  Please click here for various installation videos


  • Model: nantes300
  • Manufactured by: Bertsch Holzbau