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710 x 980mm Standard cabin single window, double glazed


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This is our standard single cabin window.

The window has draught excluder all round and is secured by 2 adjustable Scandinavian latches, 1 at the top corner and 1 at the bottom corner which clamp the sashes tight into the draught-proofing seal and makes it a very solid fit.
The hinges are also adjustable, making it a very easy item to fit and maintain.
The double glazing is made of 4mm float glass / 6mm inert gas filled cavity / 4mm float glass giving a total thickness of 16mm for the double glazed unit.
It is very important to note that the beading has an inset rebate which is utilised to seal this joint with silicone mastic as well, giving a totally waterproof seal.
Loose face-fitting Georgian bars can be included with these windows giving you the choice of fitting them or not (if you prefer just 1 large pane of glass).
  • Model: 980710W
  • Manufactured by: Hortons