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Log Cabin Houses & Mobile Homes

Log Cabin Houses & Mobile Homes

Log cabin homes to live in are becoming a much more common choice now especially with our insulated twinskin houses and bungalows, there are many different option available with our log houses - they can be made to any shape, size or design and can easily qualify as a garden cabin annexe for residential use to live in all year round.

These cabins are the perfect choice for park home lodges as well - we can make them to any shape, size or design.

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Residential log cabin designs

We have a number of standard layout log house kits but we specialize in catering for our customers needs. All aspects of our log houses can be bespoke - adding or moving internal walls, specific dimensions (width, length, height), moving doors and windows).

Park Homes and lodges for holiday parks

We have the capability of manufacturing and installing orders for multiple cabins and lodges to the same design and specifications very economically - please caontact us for prices.

Mobile Homes act 2003 (otherwise known as The Caravan Act)

We are also able to make minor alterations to make any of our log cabin homes (in fact, any of our log cabins) conform to the rules applied to mobile homes and park homes. This means that, in certain circumstances, it is possible to gain permission where it would be impossible for a permanent structure requiring full planning permission. View the caravan act which covers this law.

The first port of call if you are looking into this is to contact your local council with the aim of gaining “Permitted Development Right’ or ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’ for a caravan on your property.

We are also able to make minor alterations to any of our standard  log cabins for sale to make og cabin homes, big or small.