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Insulated log cabins over 6m wide

Insulated log cabins over 6m wide

Large insulated log cabins over 6m

These buildings can be used as annexes, games rooms or even commercial uses such as childrens nurseries, school classrooms or offices. There are options to upgrade even further to the same insulation values as a modern house, which may be required if you intend to heat the building, and is greater than 30 square metres internally, in order to comply with Building Regs.

Multi Room Interlocking Buildings

We can make all sorts of timber buildings including those with multiple rooms. Sometimes a portion of a cabin may not be heated (storage for example), so we can even make the internal partitions with cavity walls. This is also useful if sound insulation is a priority.

More ideas

Please use this link for more options of insulated log cabins over 6m wide (all Hortons cabins can be "Twin-skinned")

Twinskin cabins provide a warm and healthy environment from which to work or relax whether it be summer or winter.