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Pavilion - 5x4 Log Cabin

5x4 Pavilion Log Cabin

  • 5 m Overall log cabin width
  • 4 m Overall log cabin depth
  • 2.2m eaves height
  • 3.5m Ridge height
  • 6 x Double windows 1480x710mm
  • 1 x Pair of Double doors (fully glazed)
  • Clocktower


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This cabin has proved very popular over the years with it's distinctive clocktower over the doors which makes it look just like a traditional Enlich cricket pavilion. Just add the optional verandah onto the front and it's just right to enjoy your Pimms whilst watching the kids open the batting!

£7,369.99  £5,601.19
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£7,774.98  £5,675.74
Save: 27% off