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Rounded Cabins Up To 9m

Round Log Cabins Up To 9m Wide


Truro Log Cabin

Cabins that could easily be at home in the Rocky Mountains! Everything about cabins made of round logs in this size says "look at me!" - if you wanted to attract attention, then this style of building the one to go for.

  • Cabin Width- 9m
  • Cabin Depth- 9m, not including roof overhangs
  • Eaves Wall Height- 2.3m
  • Ridge height- 4m
  • Front Canopy- 1.4m
  • Roof boards- 19mm solid wood T&G
  • floor boards- 19mm solid wood T&G
  • ISO-DG single windows 600x600mm : 2
  • ISO-DG double windows 980x1365mm : 6
  • Double glazed ISO double doors, half glazed 1855x1565mm : 1
  • Single door, fully boarded 1855x850mm : 3


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Multi-room cabins designed for living accommodation in mind. You can opt for a standard design or we can make make to your own personal design.

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