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Two Storey Room Over Garages

Room over garages are otherwise known as Two Storey Garages with room above, two Storey Sussex Barn Garages, Dutch Barn, Barn ended, Sussex Barn end. All roof styles are possible but in order to gain the maximum space in the roof, should you wish to make use of the upstairs, is a straight gable to gable roof. 

We show various ideas below, so please scroll down to select the size and style of the garage you require. These are not fixed sizes or styles, so if you need something else please get in touch.

Car ports with room in the roof

If you want an open sided 2 storey room over garage (or even just open at the front), these buildings are also known as cart lodges or carriage houses (same buildings but no doors). Because these buildings are based on our post & beam system, you don't need any panels between the posts for strength. As such, you can have as many open sides as you like. Or may be just a partitioned off area underneath for secure storage with the remaining area open-sided.

Dormer windows and roof lights

There is a lot of room in the roof of one of these garages, so you will probably need some natural light. There are 2 ways to do this, either a dormer window or a rooflight. A rooflight fits flush and in line with the roof tiles. So this does introduce light into the room. However, a dormer window not only lets light in but also increases the amount of useable floor space as well. Room in the roof garages only have full head height down the middle with "sceilings" (sloped ceilings) either side. Dormer windows extend this full head height out to the window and make a surprising amount of difference.

Room Over Garage height

Please note that these garages far exceed 4m roof height in order to make a fully useable room upstairs. Allowing for all of the floor joists and roof rafters, they need to be around 5.5m high overall. Therefore you will need to obtain planning permission. Room over garages can be for everything from overhead storage to living accommodation. Access can be gained by loft ladder or internal or external staircases.

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