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Sectional Timber Garages

Sectional Timber Garages

These sectional timber garages, as the name implies, are supplied in sections (roof and walls). The panels are pre-manufactured at the factory which makes this type of garage very quick and easy to install on site. Pre-assembly of the wall sections into the complete building has already been made (and photos taken). Then it is taken apart and packed ready for transport.

Heavy duty materials

All of the timber in the wall and roof panels is made from tanalised timber. Tanalith is the best antirot and insecticdal treatment available. It does give a slight green finish to the timber which can be painted over to the colour you choose.

Choose any size of sectional timber garage you like

There are many further sizes and options available. We don't have set module sizes, so any size of panelled sections is possible to make your timber garage. If you can't find your ideal design then please contact us.

In summary, sectional timber garages are a very economical way of making a covered area for your car or just for storage. Being assembled in a matter of hours, they are a very convenient and unobtrusive way to build a garage.

Concrete base

Garages normally required a full concrete base. This is not only for the building to sit onto but also for your car to drive onto as well. This means that you base needs to be very strong with the weight that will be on top. There are many factors that influence how the base should be made. Clay being the worst type of soil as it moves from summer to winter. Therefore there is a lot more stress on the base meaning it needs to be thicker and possibly have reinforcing mesh in it as well. Our installers are able to quote for laying the base as well if within a certain area, please contact us if you would like to enquire about this