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Sevenoaks - 5m x 5m log cabin

Log Cabin 5m x 5m Sevenoaks

  • Overall log cabin width: 5m
  • Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy: 5m
  • Wall height:1.9m
  • Ridge height:2.5m
  • Roof canopy:1.0m
  • Single windows 1230x710mm :2
  • Double doors - half glazed

Also Included With This Log Cabin

  •     Double glazed single windows 1230x710mm : 2 on the front 5m wall
  •     Double glazed double doors, half glazed 1855x1565mm : 1 in the middle of the front 5m wall
  •     Tanolised floor bearers

Optional Extras

  •     Various colours and designs of felt shingles, felt, Recycled rubber roof tiles, Onduvilla and many more
  •     Veranda
  •     Extra windows or doors
  •     Add or remove windows or doors
  •     Factory applied insecticide and fungicide or even full factory finish with Sadolin or Remmers preservatives
  •     Many more


more info....

There are many options available for this 5m x 5m log cabin, not only with this cabin but all of our range. There are different roofing material options, different grades of windows and many more - not forgetting that we offer the most comprehensive range of wall log thicknesses possible (28mm - 200mm plus twinskin options as well).