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Petersfield 4x4m Log Cabin

4x4m Log Cabins in Petersfield design

  • 4m Overall log cabin width
  • 4m Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy
  • 2.1m rear wall height
  • 2.5m Overall height
  • 4 Single windows 1480x710mm
  • Single fully glazed door


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An L-shped cabin perfect for fitting into a corner of your garden without being obtrusive. The verandah area is included so grab a deck chair and enjoy this sun-trap!

Monthly Specials For February

35mm 4x4m Petersfield L-shaped cabin
£3,581.58  £3,240.47
Save: 10% off
Petersfield 45mm 4x4m
£3,927.33  £3,702.91
Save: 6% off