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Traditional Cladded Garages

Framed and clad garages

This is the most traditional type of construction method for timber structures comprising of panels of framed studwork which are then over-clad with a suitbale timber board (shiplap, featheredge/weatherboard, loglap, etc.). The pre-made panels make installation very quick as long as there is good access for big vehicles as some panels are quite large.

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Flexible Designs

The panels are manufactured before arriving on site and therefore can be made to suit your design (ie doors and windows inserted at pre-determined positions). Various roofing materials can be used, and can even match the roof on your house. The main doors can be side hung timber, steel up and over or GRP sectional.

Base requirements

By the very nature of being a garage, the buildings will need a concrete base to be installed upon, some customers choosing to build a brick dwarf wall upon which the panels are fitted. This is not absolutely neccessary but it does add a nice feature to the garage.