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Beamlock post & beam double room over timber garages

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Beamlock Garages - Oak Frame 'Style' Garage Kits

Here is our range of Oak frame 'style' double room-over garages. They are available with 2 different roofing styles: Barn-end and Gabled-end.

We have listed our standard prices below but we are also able to price these buildings on application as there are too many variables to set out in a simple pricing table. Please contact us for details.

Each Beamlock Garage Kit can include the following:- 
Engineered Beamlock timbers and components to create applicable frame 
47x100mm Studwork @ 600 centres
47 x 150mm rafters - precut ready for assembly
Treated whitewood featheredge cladding 
Pre-cut and treated roof carcass - ready for easy assembly Cedar shingles 
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Nationwide Erection Service

Beamlock Garage - Roofing Material Options

What roofing material can Beamlock take?

We get asked frequently which roofing materials are suitable for use with Beamlock carports, as most clients like to match roofing with their house or surrounding buildings. The answer is that Beamlock has been engineered to accept nearly all types including heavy clay and pan tiles.
What Roofing Materials do we offer?
We currently offer cedar shingles (see image). However, If you have special requirements, please let us know.
I want to supply my own
If you want to supply your own roofing material we would simply supply the roof carcass, leaving it ready for you to tile, felt and batten with a roofing material of your choice.

Prices for 2 storey post and beam garage kits are available on request.

  • Model: 5652BLRO
  • Manufactured by: Hortons