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Beamlock Garages

The benefits of using a Beamlock Connection

This timber connection is designed not only for high strength but also for use in our variable climate. Due to the fundamental connection relying on the steel plates and tubes matching up, the moisture changes in the wood do not cause any concern or inhibit the connection system from working efficiently and easily. The Beamlock connection system is made with a combination of high tensile stainless steel (grade 304L) and aluminium components. The Beamlock design is durable and can achieve a service life of up to 30 years for external exposure.

Beamlock garages are supplied in fixed module sizes, for an alternative post and beam structure that can be made in various sizes please click here for details.

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Modular Garage System

The Beamlock design is that of a modular construction, whereby you can add as many modules as you like to make the size of garage you require. This is achievable in both width and depth, making it very easy and user friendly without having to "up" the spec in relation to the dimensions required (this saves a lot of time and architects/structural surveyors fees).

Room In The Roof

Once the post and beam structure is in place, it is possible to add any roof design, shape and specification that you desire. Whether that be a "cut and pitch" roof or prefabricated roof trusses, it is possible to accommodate a living area over the garage (subject to planning and building regulations) thereby making it a dual purpose building.

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