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Concrete Garages

Our Range of Concrete Garages, Worshops and Sheds

Take a look at our fantastic range of concrete garages, sheds and buildings...We provide the most comprehensive range in the UK today - if you can't see the building you want, ask us - we have the in house ability to design, manufacture and build the building you want - Look at the range below, and if you can't see what you want, why not try us? Contact us with your details...

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Building Regulations

One major advantage over timber garages is that concrete garages are by their very nature "non-combustable" and are therefore exempt from building regulations if you want to build right up to your boundary (if it is less than 30 square metres internally). Whereas any timber building over 15 square metres AND within 1 metre of a boundary has to be fire proofed.

Various Wall Finishes

Our range from Lidget Compton offers the widest range of wall finished so that it doesn't have to look like a typical prefab concrete garage. There are different colours of stone and brick finishes which can be for the entire garage or just the front aspect, the choice is yours.

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