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Sports Changing Rooms

Starting at: £17,572.95

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I want to modify the size/design of this building

Change roof style option

Felt Shingles (self bonding and fibre reinforced for expected lifespan of 30 years)

Black hexagonal

Green hexagonal

Red hexagonal

Black square

Red square

Glazing upgrade (for standard windows and doors only)

Extra partition walling (extra charges will apply if factory painting and/or installation is also required)

Base For Log Cabin

Weed and damp-proof membranes

Twinskin insulation kit (thickness for each element shown in brackets)

Factory timber treatment (NB you will need to order extra paint if you intend to paint your roof overhangs/canopies to match the walls)

Factory painting- timber is planed, not sanded before treatment is applied

Sadolin Classic / Superdec / Remmers (self application) - long lasting protection

Sadolin Classic & Remmers = translucent, Superdec = semi-opaque - supplied in tins, enough for 2 coats externally

Sadolin colour required

Stone pine



Silver grey



Rustic oak

Frisian blue

Salt green


Fir green

Fire protection coating Class B - s1,d0 (ie better than UK Building regulations Class 0)

Gold star base coat (self-application)

The paint colours represented on our website may not be an exact match to the colour of timber treatment you purchase. If in doubt, try a sample pot first. Please ask for details

Cabin images on our website may also show optional extras (roof coverings, verandas etc)

Installation service for large timber buildings

There are many variable involved in building large log cabins or timber framed buildings. We can quote once the final design and specification has been decided

Changing Rooms Specification

Log Cabin Dimensions

  • Outer wall log thickness: 45mm
  • Wall insulation cavity: 50mm
  • Inner wall log thickness: 45mm
  • 11.6m overall cabin width
  • 6.0m overall cabin depth
  • Minimum base width required : 11.40 m
  • Minimum base depth required : 5.80 m
  • Wall height : 2.4 m
  • Ridge height : 3.3 m
  • T&G roof board thickness : 19 mm
  • T&G floor board thickness : 28mm

Also Included With This Clubhouse

  • 2 changing rooms
  • 1 kit room
  • High level double glazed fixed ISO single windows (1000x350mm) : 5
  • Fully boarded single doors (2125x850mm) : 3
  • Tanalised floor bearers : included

The changing room log cabin is a flexible design and can be made to suit your required size, with internal partitions positioned wherever you require. It can be used for many sports such as bowls, croquet, lacrosse, cricket, tennis or football - basically any sport that requires a change of attire whether that be just for changing shoes or your entire kit.

This is a twinskin cabin (insulation cavities in the roof, walls and floor) and therefore can meet certain insulation values which may be required in order to comply with council regulations.

The high level windows are fixed windows (but can be openers if required) and have frosted glass as standard.

  • Model: 9197-11660-4545-29s
  • Manufactured by: Hortons

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