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Spalding 6m x 5m Log Cabin

Log Cabin 6m x 5m Spalding

Log Cabin Dimensions

  • Overall log cabin width: 6m
  • Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy: 5m
  • Minimum base width required: 5.80m
  • Minimum base depth required: 4.80m
  • Wall height: 2.1m
  • Ridge height: 2.7 m
  • T&G roof board thickness: 19mm
  • T&G floor board thickness: 19mm

Also Included With This Log Cabin

  • Single opening windows 1480x710mm: 5
  • Double doors, fully glazed
  • Inset porch area

This large 6m x 5m log cabin has an inset porch area and planty og glazing for the perfect summerhouse or relaxing garden room.

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An "L shaped" cabin but a square roof on planview which forms a covered area outside of the entrance doors- ideal for providing cover whilst locking or unlocking the doors if it's raining. It is also a useful area to store boots and coats outside but still in the dry.