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Wokingham 3m x 3m Log Cabin

3m x 3m Log Cabin in Wokingham design

  • 3m Overall log cabin width
  • 3m Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy
  • 2.1m Eaves height
  • 2.5m Ridge height
  • Double doors


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A very useable space- the double doors provide a lagre opening for easy access should you which to store your garden furniture in this building through the winter months.

Monthly Specials For December

35mm Wokingham 3m x 3m Log Cabin
£1,893.13  £1,798.48
Save: 5% off
Wokingham 45mm 3.0 x 3.0m Log Cabin
£2,079.10  £1,975.14
Save: 5% off

£3,369.46  £3,302.07
Save: 2% off
£2,907.44  £2,703.92
Save: 7% off