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Helena 1 - 3.0x5.0m square gazebo


For outdoor seating areas the Helena gazebo range is perfect, enjoy fresh air even when it rains. Our Helena range is a nicely shaped freestanding pavilion available in many different sizes and shapes. The manufactured joints give it extreme stability.

Helena 1/300 x 500 Specifications

Outside-dimension: 300 x 500cm
Roof-projection: all around = 30 cm
Side-wall-height: 217 cm
Ridge height (approx) 290 cm
Roof-area: 24 m
Slope 25 degrees
Includes felt shingle roofing

  • Model: helena3050
  • Manufactured by: Bertsch Holzbau

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BHB felt shingles (choose colour, already included in price)

R01 (red, square pattern)

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